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Day 4 Clear Lake to Charles City

Bike riders on wet road

Pauline, Flora and Becky leaving Rockwell

“…these showers and storms will be highly efficient rain producers.”

That was my favorite phrase in the late morning weather forecast discussion for Charles City, produced by the nearest NWS office which happens to be La Crosse WI. We spent a fair amount of time this morning going over the forecast and the radar imagery, and NWS did very well with a complex weather system. Some of us (me and the women in the photo above) rode through a zone of “severe weather watch” but there was never any lightning close to us, and the rain in our area was moderate. We got wet but we were happy.20170726_1146_Day4-PieTruck

The day also included the usual assortment of food and drink, and we spent a pleasant lunch break in Rockford, where the weather and our early (7:05–early for us anyway) start somehow resulted in no lines at all to get our pizza and pie.20170726_1238_Day4-RockfordPies

We had our first “traditional RAGBRAI”* dinner at the Lutheran church near our campsite. (*note: traditional in this case compares to our 2014 introduction to RAGBRAI when we ate dinner at churches every chance we got). $8 or $9 gets a balanced meal like tbis…20170726_1804_Day4-Dinner

…and check out the dessert diversity! Lutherans are doing better since we left Mallard.20170726_1801_Day4-DessertTable

One more item that’s out of sequence and surprisingly not about food: the Fossil Prairie park west of Rockford is beautiful and well worth a visit. The displays inside the visitor center are great, but today I was most impressed with the flowering prairies around the center. Very appealing in the mist and rain.20170726_1156_Day4_PrairieView

The weather forecast for the remaining 3 days of our ride is so favorable that I hate to jinx it by saying anything about it. So goodnight moon, goodnight stars, and goodnight to 10,000 bicyclists sleeping near the banks of the Cedar River tonight. Talk to you again soon.