There are t-shirts, bike jerseys and assorted costumes that add enjoyment to the miles of RAGBRAI.  Here are a few we saw along the way.

The t-shirt shown below was an important goal for me and Ken; both of us #EarnedIt by drinking 10 Iowa craft beers (root beer counted once for me) over the course of the week.  An impressive marketing effort by the Iowa Craft Beer association; it probably put a bite in the sales of the “Iowa Beer Bus” and some of the bars and other alocohol purveyors int he local towns.  Ken and I picked up our shirts at the Craft Beer Tent stop on Day 7.

The Swaledale Fire Department brought the heat with this one:

A little farther down the road in Swaledale, a biker stylishly combining butterfly-themed jersey and helmet at the Milkweed tent.  Volunteers had rolled milkweed seeds into balls of mud which riders distributed by throwing onto roadside habitat between towns.  It was fun.

As a GIS specialist emphasizing fish habitat in Pacific Northwest streams, I did like this jersey:

I saw this one a few times; I think it may be sold by Pork Belly Ventures:

“Keep Calm and Eat Pie” is my new motto philosophy of life, and I’m in love with The Pie Lady (I saw her on a couple days but Day 2 is the only time I stopped to see her–I guess we can call that unrequited love)(at least until my next RAGBRAI ;-):

Pie Lady with slice of pecan pie

The Pie Lady. Her shirt says “Keep Calm and Eat Pie”

We really liked the volunteers’ t-shirts in Postville:

One of our favorite teams, complete with helmet attachment, seen throughout the week but not photographed till Day 7:

Team Bonjour Kitty tshirt

Team Bonjour Kitty

There were so many others.  Though it seemed to me that 2014 featured a few more costumes and a greater diversity of team shirts than 2017.  It’ll take one more year to see if that’s a trend.