stuffed catfish on bicycle

Catfish on bicycle near Harpers Ferry

RAGBRAI without pie would be like a fish without a bicycle–inconceivable.


In our first RAGBRAI, we weren’t sure just how prevalent pie would be.  I (Eric) set a goal of eating one slice every 25 miles, and fell short in 2014 with a mere 13 pieces over the course of the week. While the quantity was slightly lacking, the quality was excellent, including my first-ever goooseberry pie from the traveling Amish vendors set up in the second half of each day’s course.

I commenced the 2017 ride with more resolve and more attention to detail–generally speaking, if pie was available in a pass-through town, I ate it.  I managed 3 slices per day for the first 3 days, then slacked off to 2 on rainy day 4; on Day 5 I counted a Czech “kolache” as half-a-pie and also snagged half a piece from Anne.  By the time I left Harpers Ferry my count was 18.

According to our group’s computers the main ride was 425 miles, but I needed to add an extra piece for the Karras Loop on Day 2.  450/25 = 18.  Mission Accomplished!

I’d do it again too.

If you love pie as much as I do, ride RAGBRAI! If you like looking at detailed pictures of pie, click any of the images below for a larger version.

slice of mulberry pie

XLV Day 3: Mulberry Pie, a close rival for my affection as the Best Pie of RAGBRAI

XLV Day 1: Raspberry Pie in Granville, from the Catholic Daughters Association. This excellent pie set a high bar for the rest of the ride.

XLV Day 1, Apple Pie @ Primghar

The above picture also features Anne drinking a smoothie and a rare view of Anne’s brother Jim, who drove our van and met us at Primghar on Day 1.

I only had one piece of rhubarb pie but it was outstanding, including a great crust:

rhubarb pie

Rhubarb pie in Harpers Ferry, Day 7. Worth the wait!

The picture below captures the spirit of our 2017 RAGBRAI adventure, and as a [non-practicing] Lutheran I’m pleased to report that dessert (pie) was included in the price of the meal:

Nitwit group dinner at Lutheran Church

Group dinner at Lutheran Church, Charles City, end of Day 4