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Day 2 Spencer to Algona

Day 2 of RAGBRAI was a travesty.

Not the ride–it was great. The route was hillier than we expected, and we had a strong southeast wind which was less than ideal since our route went mainly from West to East. But it was beautiful and fun.20170724_214034

However, there was no pie in Ayrshire (see map above), no pie in Curlew, no pie in Mallard*, no pie in West Bend, nor was there any pie at any roadside stand between towns. And at West Bend I chose the optional Karras Loop, and there was also no pie in Plover. (*In Mallard the Lutheran Church had advertised pie but ran out before we arrived around 11:00 a.m. There were still at least 5,000 riders behind us. As a Lutheran myself [non-practicing] I am beyond dismayed at this failure to rake in the biggest possible bucks).

We first encountered pie just before Whittemore. After biking approximately 90 miles without pie, I met The Pie Lady.

Pie Lady with slice of pecan pie

The Pie Lady. Her shirt says “Keep Calm and Eat Pie”

Or maybe it was an angel–at that point I was getting a little delirious. I had a great slice of pecan pie (shown) and then a few miles later I found the Amish pie stop and had cherry pie. (Later that evening I also got key lime for dessert, so I really can’t complain about the final tally–but 90 miles!!!)

The earlier part of the day was not a complete food desert–most of us scarfed down excellent ribeye sandwiches in Mallard…20170724_212959

There were also some great homemade ice cream sandwiches. There was less beer than usual but we didn’t suffer once we got to camp.

There was biking too, quite a bit of it. Here’s an unusual model I saw on the Karras Loop. 20170724_221439As far as I know this guy rode that pennyfarthing 101 miles today. So I don’t want to hear any whining about how tired you are from your workout.

Easy day tomorrow, about 50 miles and the wind is supposed to be from the south. West would be better but we should only have a direct headwind for a few miles.

Talk to you soon.


Pasta on wheels

Pauline brought us a special treat from Switzerland. Not some ordinary Swiss treat like chocolate, watches or an offer to launder money. No, this was something none of us have previously encountered….

Today we’re in Nebraska, but tomorrow afternoon we should be in Orange City Iowa getting ready to ride. More details soon.