Day 6 – We are Clever as Clever

Dateline: Friday, July 25, Independence

Day 6 commenced with the worst 3 hours of bike riding that any of us 7 Nitwits have ever endured.  Note that I’m just guessing about that–the possible exceptions might be Becky, who’s hardcore; Theresa, who’s done RAGBRAI once before; or Mo who lived in New Zealand and about whom there is much I don’t know–but for the rest of us, like most normal people, if our day’s plans included a long bike ride but we woke up to pouring rain with nearby thunderstorms, we’d probably change our plans. That’s not generally a viable option at RAGBRAI.  Anne and Eric hit the worst of the rain around Bremer Station, and then took shelter for about a half-hour in the Tripoli High School.  We had good 4G phone service which enabled us to keep updating the weather radar loops which showed that the most severe storm cells were several miles north of us.

The storms were moving eastward and by 11:00 they’d passed us by, so that the rest of the day was quite pleasant. It was a long day, though, and our LCC campsite was an extra 3 miles past the town of Independence on the southwest side of town. There’s only one picture by Eric from the day, here:

Glacial erratic

Glacial erratic boulder near Sumner

Screen Shot Waverly - Independence





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