Women of Nitwitticisms

On Day 2 there were six who qualified under this heading,  and Eric was the Lucky Guy who got to spend part of the morning with them, and then again later that afternoon.

Women of Nitwitticisms at morning coffee stopAbove you see  Flora Becky Jeannie Anne Theresa and Mo in the shade of a GMC van at the Fair Trade Coffee stop, a regular feature of each day’s morning route.

A little farther down the page, views of most of the group on the eastbound road out of Milford.  That was a beautiful morning though it got hot later in the day (heat index went up to 105 or so I believe).Women Riding RAGBRAI

Heading east from Milford

Theresa, Mo & Jeannie heading east Monday morning

Below, the same group of six dining at the Catholic Church in Emmetsburg, where as you can see there was plenty of pie to be had, even though Theresa appears to be hogging it all.20140721_163227


20140721_163209Note from Eric: I just finished updating this page on Sunday morning, July 27th, at Theresa’s aunt Donna’s house. I’d like to move in here and post a bunch more photos today, but instead Anne and I are about to drive to Minneapolis, and I’ll do my posting over the next few days.


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