Day 7 Waukon to Lansing

You’re only as old as you feel!20170729_1122_HavingFun-Eric+Anne-HarpersFerryFour big hills to finish out the week, and even in Montana we would consider each of these as worthy of the name.


Google Earth profile. Total distance ~ 45 miles, vertical interval 50 feet.

Our route took us through the Yellow River State Forest, where even though we knew we’d arrive at different times, we carefully planned a Team Photo that we would later photoshop together. 20170729_100055_KenAnneEric@YellowRiverSFSign

Unfortunately we failed to agree on which sign was to serve as the backdrop for the photo. I deserve most of the blame for texting bad info to the trailing members of the group. I was flustered because there was no cell phone service at all in the deep valleys along today’s route, including the first town of Waterville, so I recommended an alternate sign shown with one Nitwit below.20170729_1008_Anne@YellowRiverStateForest

Luckily most members of the team consistently ignored all my texts throughout the week, so even if we didn’t manage an all-group photo in the Forest, we met up successfully in Harpers Ferry (a very fun town where I incidentally finished up my Quest with an excellent slice of rhubarb pie, and also scarfed some great deep-fried catfish) and again at the “First Dip” site just upriver from town.20170729_115209_Dip

The final segment leaving Harpers Ferry was just as beautiful as the previous few days.20170729_1217_Flower-filledValley20170729_1004_HillClimbThe route somehow managed to include two more modest hills, with the last one mostly bathed in very warm direct sunlight, so it was quite a feeling of accomplishment at the top.20170729_1308_BeckyPaulineFloraAnne@TopOfLastHill

20170729_1327_MississippiRiver+LansingBridgeAfter that it was an easy downhill to Lansing with fine views of the Mississippi River and a stop at the just-remodeled Driftless Center.  It was over much too soon (though unpacking and repacking the van with bikes and gear took more than enough time).

RAGBRAI XLV, the best ever–until next time!


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