I have a connection!

Tuesday, i think, and finally found a wifi connection in the Hy Vee (local grocery store chain) in Mason City.

Mason City – home of: The Music Man! Somewhere I am sure there are 76 trombones tuning up, and some sin, right here in River City. If I remember correctly it starts with ‘p’ and ends with an ‘l’ and stands for pool.

Almost indescribable experience this RAGBRAI thing: the people, the weather, the small towns, the riding. If connection works I’ll try to upload some pics.

And oh yes, we drove to Sioux Falls to pock up Becky’s luggage. United’s customer service couldn’t cope as you might imagine. It was lucky that Teresa’s friend, Jeanne had a car we could borrow! Course we got lost looking for the airport…how can you get lost following that little airplane sign? Well, we did.

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3 thoughts on “I have a connection!

  1. Eric Edlund

    I may have just enough bandwidth to post a comment but I can’t upload pics to the WordPress site. My preferred metaphor is that RAGBRAI is a swarm of locusts traveling across Iowa, consuming everything in its path: pie, pork products, and all of the bandwidth of the nearby cell phone towers. Our phones say we have 4G service but it’s too slow to actually use.
    Anyway it’s been an amazing journey so far. More than halfway there and our group of Nitwits is a bunch of happy campers.


  2. Eric Edlund

    By the way, it’s Wednesday, but who’s keeping track? Mainly it’s Day 4 of 7. Great weather today too, high around 80 and low humidity by Iowa standards. Tomorrow night there’s a 70% chance of rain. That’ll be a interesting challenge.


  3. pauline

    When you’ve lost track of what day it is, must be the perfect adventure. 🙂 Enjoy the nice weather now, stock up on nitwiticisms for the wet days.



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